Kate Woods – Writer-At-Large

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Screen shot 2016-04-25 at 12.32.17 AMKate Woods is a NASA brat who became an Associate Editor for the pioneering Space Fax Daily (Cupertino, CA) from 1989 to 1992, writing alongside future Galactic Sandbox Managing Editor Agnett Bonwit. In 1994 she served for two years as the P.R. rep for Space Age Publishing Company’s Lunar Video Orbiter mission (Palo Alto, CA). She became senior writer for the Pinnacle weekly based in Hollister CA from 1997 to 2006, specializing in award-winning articles on politics, the environment, science, scandals, and additionally wrote a popular political satire column (these columns were later compiled and  published in Kate’s landmark 2012 memoir, Quicksilver Chronicles). Woods now lives and works at her long-time home in the remote ghost town of New Idria, CA, where she now paints sparkly pet portraits and rails against the imbecilic mainstream news media.


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6 thoughts on “Kate Woods – Writer-At-Large

  1. Kitty Kat, I just am not believing you’re gone. But, about three weeks ago things moved for no reason and I knew someone was in my room with me. Sounds corny, believe me, I know, I almost don’t believe it myself, but you came to say good bye. It was around the same time as I think back. Wow, I can’t believe the Galactic Sandbox and am giving major credit to its’ editor for keeping it together as science goes on and you’d be the first to say so. Seeing all the mariachi photos is really hard but weren’t you a looker! It’s funny you write about your brother being the big girl hound but it was you that had all the guys or ‘woodsmen’ after you, you little…ah…the stories. What an incredible life. As I read about your life and look at the photos, I realize how fortunate we were. We had such impact on society because of you, your stalwart political role model mother Jane Elizabeth Woods and siblings. Can you believe I began my career on nutrition from eating at your mother’s table where there was always a vegetable and sometimes salad too, which, I understand from my children is very rare in many circles. She fed us all. An incredible generosity with which molded me to be my kindest, considerate and thoughtful person always, even when I didn’t feel like it. And, as sad as it is, I read that someone mentioned it, and mel told me that you were giving a Mexican national a ride. For me, someone you grew up with, that really is the saddest part and has brought me to tears, again, a woods woman giving her life for others. I’m so sorry guys. I’ll miss that ‘irascible’, as one of her friends described her which I totally concur with, completely Irascible Woman! What a woman she was.

  2. Kate, As you know I don’t often resort to this medium.
    I guess this isn’t really the proper place for what I want to convey, but at least I can open the channel. I love what you do, and I love you, too.
    Hold Fast matey, Joe

  3. Hi, Kate This is one of your honorary Woodsmen . Its been a long journey and well deserved your a true JUGGERNAUT , by all means don’t let the Bastards stop you and remember to keep up the excellent writing
    Faithfully ,yours

    Kim Powell

    • Dear Mr. Powell! Wonderful to hear from you, and so glad you checked in on our Galactic Sandbox. We publish every Monday that we are able to, it is a labor of love and we need donations desperately (hint, hint, to all readers). Keep reading on! — Kate W.

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